Absence of Clear Evidence

Elderly father cuts out three of his children What happens when an elderly widowed father gives his house to one of his four children (the one who lives with him)? Can the other three siblings set aside the transfer? In a recent case (Kozusko v Kozusko) the Superior Court held that parents are free to dispose […]

B.C. Ruling on Jurisdiction Over Google

The Court of Appeal in B.C. has upheld an order requiring Google – a foreign entity who was not a party to the original proceedings – to remove a company’s website from all of its worldwide search results. The Court has sent a message that the Canadian judiciary is “willing to ignore provincial and national […]

Vendor Keeps Deposit

The recent B.C. case of Tang v Zhang reaffirmed a traditional principle which allowed a seller to keep a $100,000 deposit on a residential property after the purchaser defaulted. The Court allowed the seller to keep the money after a breach of contract, despite the fact that the seller was able to sell the property for […]